We Walk With You

The healthcare industry faces unrivaled regulatory change. Finix is a partner who will walk with you through these transformational times. Our proven track record has allowed us to assist health systems across the country to implement best practices, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. We become part of your team and work hands-on to find solutions to your biggest challenges and help you implement best practices. Our unique integration of consultants and technology has paved the way to exceeding client expectations throughout these complex projects.

Finix’s success lies in our methodology. Implementing solutions and best practices can be difficult. That is why our team of functional consultants will walk you and your staff through the necessary changes, implementing them as your organization’s budget allows. Collaborating with Finix gives the client the two-pronged benefit of proactive advisory support and reactive implementation assistance, all at a much lower price point than legacy consulting firms. Our strategy has found success at all sizes of providers, from community stand-alone hospitals to multi-state IDNs.

We don’t just drop off an expensive report. We embed ourselves in your process, make the changes you need most, and train your staff for sustainable costs savings.

Work with Finix

From healthcare to manufacturing, our nationwide services are here to lead you into sustainable cost-savings.

Why It Works

The Finix solution is built around the idea of combining the most effective traditional techniques with the most successful new approaches to create one highly effective service. By combining the best of both worlds, our process has three defining features to increase the profitability of clients firms without adding expense. Our process is non-intrusive, services are contingent on results, and we produce comprehensive reports and solutions.

We Dig Deeper

Our main goal is to help you provide the best patient care, which means we dig deeper for the best overall recovery. Not just the ones with the highest profit margins.

Boots on the Ground

We don’t just leave you with a pile of reports. Our team works beside your staff, inside your buildings, to help you implement the solutions you need most.

Reduced Workload

Changes can be difficult to implement, but that is why our team works with you to help you implement solutions. We are here to help you where ever you need it most.


We can help you identify problem areas, prioritize tasks, and implement solutions. We are a partner that understands the industry and can help you navigate and execute best practices.


Do you have specific tasks that have been put on the back-burner? Do you need help completing them? Let our expert team help you achieve the goals and complete the tasks that you see are a priority.

Solving Industry-Wide Problems

After serving the industry for over 18 years, we understand the obstacles that you encounter. Our expert team is here to help you navigate and solve the problems that you are confronted with.

Boots on the Ground

“Taking a holistic perspective on our relationships with prospective clients and our partners within the consulting, auditing, and professional services realm is an integral part of our principles.”

About UsCase Studies

Finix is improving patient care nationwide

We worked with Ascension, the largest non-profit health system in the U.S., to drastically improve their bottom line. Review the case study and client feedback.

Ascension Health

  • Fully integrated supply chain across dozens of locations
  • 100% clean data migration from legacy systems to PeopleSoft
  • Reduced inventory carrying costs through EOQ, lean principles, and statistical modeling
  • Standardized practices across the health system
  • Located in 24 States
  • Total Beds: 22,900

“We completed an AP audit with Finix, and they delivered as promised. There was minimal interruption of day-to-day business. In fact, I actually forgot that an audit was taking place. The final report is one of the best I’ve seen.”

AP Manager, $750 Million Manufacturer

“We’ve worked with Finix on multiple occasions. Their depth of review has recovered over $350,000 for our company and identified future savings of over $1 million. Our previous national audit company only recovered $30,000 for the same time period. Finix also noticed we were being overbilled by our ERP software company, saving us over 75% annually on billing licenses. By rewriting our vendor terms & conditions, Finix put a stop to a $250,000 annual over-shipment problem.”

CFO, Michigan Furniture Manufacturer