Save On Overpayments

Manufacturing companies can be one of the most complex and diverse businesses when it comes to purchasing goods. With so many transactions and so much money being spent on a variety of products, even the smallest errors can add up to a significant amount of lost money over time. AP staff members have so much to focus on that noticing a small overpayment may be at the bottom of their priority list. By doing an audit with Finix, you can be assured that the overpayments will be recovered and save your company money in both the present and going forward.

For any manufacturing company looking to recover their overpayments, an AP audit done by Finix will recover you the maximum dollar amount while providing minimal distraction to the client. With Finix being a West Michigan based company, we have established ourselves as one of the top auditing firms when it comes to manufacturing companies. We understand where overpayments and errors generally occur, and we will help you to recover these mistakes to save your company money for today and suggest best practices for the future.

Work with Finix

Our nationwide services are focused on leading you into sustainable cost-savings.

Key Manufacturing Features

Contingent Fee

Finix uses a contingency fee for all audits, meaning the only way we make money is by finding money from the audit.

Tax Knowledge

Finix identifies where tax was paid when it should have been exempt, creates a claim to send to the vendor, and gets the refund.

Claims Administration & Collections

Finix is the only audit firm to offer both a fully customized claims portal and an end-to-end claims administration. Our goal is to reduce the stress on your staff.

No Extrapolated Billings

Finix only bills on a percentage of claims collected, and only when they have been received by the organization. No billings on unrealized or conceptual savings.

Audit & Benchmarking Report

At the end of the process, Finix provides a comprehensive report that details process breakdowns and recommendations, as well as claim summary information from the audit.

Vendor Reviews

Finix reviews all vendors, compared to many big auditing firms who look only at the top 20% of vendors by spend. This allows for maximum dollar recovery from a variety of vendors.

The Audit Process

Throughout the audit process, Finix will review spend from all vendors doing business with the company. Claims will be written as the audit proceeds and reviewed with the client before sending them to the vendors. Upon completion of the audit, a final report will be written and presented to the client addressing the findings from the audit and best practices for the company to use in the future.

An Effective Partnership

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our team has experience in performing large scale ERP implementations. Each client is assigned a dedicated Data Steward that is familiar with their existing ERP system to effectively resolve any data issues and properly facilitate needed data transfers.