We Understand Healthcare Audits

A healthcare system is one of the most complex businesses to maintain with so many products and services being purchased every day. While GPO’s can be very beneficial for savings and efficiency, complex procure-to-pay processes still result in many overpayments made in error.

By doing an audit with Finix, you can be assured that the overpayments will be recovered and save your organization money both in the present and moving forward.

Work with Finix

From healthcare to manufacturing, our nationwide services are here to lead you into sustainable cost-savings.

Key Healthcare Audit Deliverables

Audit companies are presented with the same opportunities when engaging with a client. The quantitative difference between two audit companies is their ability to deliver the highest recovery with the resources available. For many audit companies, getting in and out as quickly as possible allows them to meet soft deliverables that may not support the goal. Metrics like volume of audits per year, length of engagement, and minimal requirements sound enticing and are motivators for all audit companies but can work against the goal of an audit. Finix will define what an effective audit looks like and outline our unique methods to achieve soft deliverables with a primary focus of achieving the maximum savings.

Contingent Fee

Finix uses a contingency fee for all audits, meaning the only way we make money is by finding money from the audit.

Per Bed Recovery

On average, Finix recovers an industry-leading $1,222.42 per bed for healthcare systems.

Claims Administration & Collections

Finix is the only audit firm to offer both a fully customized claims portal and an end-to-end claims administration. Our goal is to reduce the stress on your staff.

No Extrapolated Billings

Finix only bills on a percentage of claims collected, and only when they have been received by the health system. No billings on unrealized or conceptual savings.

Audit & Benchmarking Report

At the end of the process, Finix provides a comprehensive report that details process breakdowns and recommendations, as well as claim summary information from the audit.

GPO Relationships

Finix has partnerships with GPO’s to perform a pricing audit and reduce hospital staff interaction. We are familiar with the systems and know where to find overpayments.

100% Invoice Audit

Finix reviews all vendors, compared to many big auditing firms who look only at the top 20% of vendors by spend. This allows for maximum dollar recovery from a variety of vendors.

10 Audit Categories

Finix will perform ten different recovery methods in the forms of Sales Tax, Freight, Unclaimed Property, Contract Pricing, Rebates, Returns, Overpayments, Duplicates, Discounts, and Erroneous Payments, leading to the maximum recovery for your healthcare system.

Full Procurement Cycle

Finix will complete every step in the recovery audit from the claims collections, to statement calling, to getting the refunds sent directly to your organization. There are no third-parties involved and minimal involvement required from the client.

You’re in Good Company

We’re proud to work closely with several GPO & Technologies. Our expertise extends into contract management and optimization of your existing relationships.