A New Approach to Auditing

With our knowledge in finance and supply chain management, we help you not only recover more money, but leave you with sustainable process improvement and cost-savings changes. We’re here to improve the way your organization does business. Our comprehensive approach to auditing ensures we find every possible dollar.


Finix has been serving the healthcare industry for 18 years! We understand the holistic supply chain of a hospital. Relation to supply chain consulting, and relationships with GPO’s and access to their contracting portal. On average we recover $1,222 per bed!


As a West Michigan based company, we naturally grew up serving manufacturing companies. We do a comprehensive review, not just statement calling or sales tax. From auto and furniture to consumer goods and food products, we’re well versed in reducing costs specific to your unique process.


Many governments are required to do an audit by law. We are able to follow government procurement practices, and have audited up to $26 billion in annual spend. We can handle complex state governments with multiple agencies and understand the government rules and requirements.


Alignment is at the core of what we do. By fine-tuning your current systems to work for modern staff and clients, we align your financial and company-wide goals with your most valuable tools — the people and products that work for you.

Statement Calling +

Not just statement calling – we do a real audit.

Invoice Review

We physically review every invoice during the audit period.

Contract Pricing

We perform contract pricing audits to ensure the right price.

Contract Analysis

Contract language review to protect clients from overpayments in the future.

PO Terms Analysis

Purchase Order language review to protect clients from overpayments in the future.


We do all the work and don’t get paid until we collect.

Extensive Digging

Not just picking on a few large vendors – every vendor gets reviewed.

Customer Portal

Automated and simple claims approval with instant status reporting.

Establish, Analyze, Strategize, Execute

Our Auditing Process

As a leading expert in the realm of auditing, Finix understands the importance of reducing costs. We look at 12 claim types, approach review areas often missed by legacy firms and average over 5x more in recoveries.

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Work with Finix

From healthcare to manufacturing, our nationwide services are here to lead you into sustainable cost-savings.


GPO & Technologies

It can be daunting to keep on top of the changing contract details of your GPO or technologies. Finix is well equipped to prevent unnecessary spending and optimize your GPO and technology relationships.

Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)


The strongest testament to our success is the number of returning customers with expanded contracts and client leaders championing our services within their networks. Finix does not use auto-renew contracts, allowing our results and professionalism to sell our business. We are proud to claim returning customers and referrals as a significant base for our business in both auditing and consulting.

These are a few relevant testimonials from our clients about their experience with our audit team:

“We completed an AP audit with Finix, and they delivered as promised. There was minimal interruption of day-to-day business. In fact, I actually forgot that an audit was taking place. The final report is one of the best I’ve seen.”

AP Manager, $750 Million Manufacturer

“We’ve worked with Finix on multiple occasions. Their depth of review has recovered over $350,000 for our company and identified future savings of over $1 million. Our previous national audit company only recovered $30,000 for the same time period. Finix also noticed we were being overbilled by our ERP software company, saving us over 75% annually on billing licenses. By rewriting our vendor terms & conditions, Finix put a stop to a $250,000 annual over-shipment problem.”

CFO, Michigan Furniture Manufacturer

“Finix was successful at finding us thousands of dollars, which compared favorably to companies utilized in the past, where no dollars were recovered. In addition, the engagement was completed seamlessly with very little staff time on our side.”

Controller, 240-Bed Hospital, Division of a $50 Billion Healthcare System