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Founded in 2000, Finix was first known as Auditrax. Originally operating as auditing and consulting experts in the manufacturing sector, Finix has since repositioned itself to meet the ever-present need of the healthcare industry. Through the years, Finix has been fortunate to work with clients such as Ascension Health, the largest non-profit health system in the U.S., to identify direct waste and drastically reduce costs while maintaining quality of care. Between our expert team of functional consultants and in-depth auditing techniques, Finix is helping healthcare providers increase efficiency, lower costs, and optimize complex systems.

Behind everything that we do is our motivation to help you provide the best possible patient care, which means we dig deeper and go further than anyone else to provide the best possible overall recovery. Our mobile team of expert consultants work beside you, inside your buildings, to discover potential missed savings and make the delicate adjustments needed to the systems you already have in place. We not only identify what needs fine-tuning – we help you implement solutions.

Taking a holistic perspective on our relationships with prospective clients and our partners within the consulting, auditing, and professional services realm is an integral part of our principles. Finding the best-case scenario to fill a need, whatever that entails, will always be our highest priority.

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“We have been extremely lucky to work with some of the largest health systems in the US on the implementation of new systems and improved processes. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of health systems and hospitals as the industry continues to consolidate, turning its focus to standardized practices and cost-saving initiatives. Providers are increasingly utilizing the cost lever and supply chain to reduce costs, and Finix is their partner in helping achieve those goals”

– Josh Fuhr, Managing Partner

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From healthcare to manufacturing, our nationwide services are here to lead you into sustainable cost-savings.

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan

An Ever-Growing Footprint of Auditing and Consulting

We work with companies from $20 million in revenue to $26 billion. Originally operating as auditing and consulting experts in the manufacturing sector, Finix has since repositioned itself to meet the ever-present need of the healthcare industry, An Ever Growing Footprint.

From our Midwest Headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, our team is capable of servicing members in all fifty states.

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We take a holistic perspective with our clients and partners
within the consulting, auditing, and professional services realm.

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In-depth knowledge, proven expertise, superior cost control – a unique qualified resource.

Josh Fuhr

Managing Partner

Jeremy Fuhr

Managing Partner

Our History

Over 17 years of experience, Finix, tried, tested and true.

When it all began

Formerly known as Auditrax, Finix was originally focused solely on AP Auditing in both the healthcare and manufacturing industries. Finix’s early clients quickly saw the value of the depth of a Finix audit, not one that finds the low hanging fruit for the lowest cost and highest margins for the audit company.

A New Service

In 2010, as the healthcare industry ramped up consolidations and the economy as a whole began recovering, Finix realigned to further increase collections and process improvements for our clients. Armed with real-world clinical supply chain experience, Finix incorporated a broad supply chain strategy into its existing AP Auditing lens. In addition to auditing, Finix now offered inventory management, process improvement, and progressive implementation to clients serious about finding immediate and sustainable cost-savings opportunities.

Success after success

In 2012, Finix was brought on by Ascension to assist with Project Symphony, one of the largest software and supply chain standardization projects the industry has ever seen. After successful implementation at over 40 Ascension-owned facilities, Finix made itself a name as an industry leader.

A New Look

Finix places #1060 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America, was named in Consulting Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies in 2017, and also received recognition as a Top Area Management Consulting Firm by the Grand Rapids Business Journal. Capitalizing on the momentum of 2017, Finix developed a new service line: a 20-point Supply Chain Assessment that covers all procurement processes within a typical facility. This new assessment service line denotes our unparalleled ability to expand cost savings to the entire supply chain process, an area particularly ripe for improvement.


  • “We completed an AP audit with Finix, and they delivered as promised. There was minimal interruption of day-to-day business. In fact, I actually forgot that an audit was taking place. The final report is one of the best I’ve seen.”

    AP Manager, $750 Million Manufacturer
  • “We’ve worked with Finix on multiple occasions. Their depth of review has recovered over $350,000 for our company and identified future savings of over $1 million. Our previous national audit company only recovered $30,000 for the same time period. Finix also noticed we were being overbilled by our ERP software company, saving us over 75% annually on billing licenses. By rewriting our vendor terms & conditions, Finix put a stop to a $250,000 annual over-shipment problem.”

    CFO, Michigan Furniture Manufacturer
  • “Finix was successful at finding us thousands of dollars, which compared favorably to companies utilized in the past, where no dollars were recovered. In addition, the engagement was completed seamlessly with very little staff time on our side.”

    Controller, 240-Bed Hospital, Division of a $50 Billion Healthcare System
  • “I would like to commend the Finix audit team that worked with us. The project was successful due to their knowledge, professionalism, and self-sufficiency. And the benchmarking report was also very helpful. I recommend them highly.”

    AP Manager, 235-Bed Health System

Work with Finix

From healthcare to manufacturing, our nationwide services are here to lead you into sustainable cost-savings.